‘Tis the season…

…to be crabby! This Christmas was such a pleasant gift to me. The shopping days leading up to Christmas were unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I am so used to the overly crowded shopping malls and stores in Chicagoland, that Christmas shopping in Champaign was a walk in the park! I was so filled with Christmas spirit, so happy. I was literally singing while I shopped. Store clerks were noticing the happiness, even to share “You two are having too much fun!” to my daughter and me. It sparked a conversation of how crabby everyone seems to be. One clerk even shared that a customer threatened to punch her in the face!

I know life can be hard. I am not coming from a place of perfection when I say I was joyous during this holiday season. I was thankfully blessed with an overwhelming peace and joy this holiday. A reminder that this is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ! While everyone is wrapping up Christmas in the boxes from which it came, I am remembering that it has actually just begun. I will continue to celebrate Christmas until January 6th – the Epiphany. I wish I could feel the way I did on Christmas every day, wouldn’t that be wonderful! I wish that for all of you…Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!!


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