My wandering ways have led me to venturing into the world of self-employment. Woo hoo! I decided to jump into a new business. Well, actually two businesses ( & I’ve always been a helper; a people pleaser. I derive great pleasure in knowing I have made someone’s day a little brighter; a little easier.

My life has been very full of a wide variety of experiences, some good (some great), some bad (some downright awful). I believe that the things that happen to us, happen for a reason. One of those reasons is to be able to empathize with others, to really understand what they are going through, and to be there for and learn from each other.

So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to begin a business that would help teens and young adults; provide life skills to survive and thrive! In the process I am learning that I still (at times) do not implement those coping skills. I know what they are – I just don’t implement them. Is the old adage “Those who can’t teach” true? Well, yesterday I certainly felt that way.

All of the stresses that come with starting a new business came crashing down on me. During the experience, I felt like a hypocrite. Here I am trying to teach others how to cope when I cannot even do it myself. I decided to share this instead of hide my guilt and shame, as again, this is what I am trying to teach.

There is nothing to be ashamed of when you get overwhelmed. Even the best, most calm, people have their moments. I was lucky enough to have this meltdown during a routine medical appointment. It was my first appointment with this medical professional. Boy was it her lucky day! (sarcasm). In all truthfulness, it was my lucky day. She began to ask me questions and I burst into tears. She was so understanding, non-judgmental, & calm. All things I needed at that moment. I told her about all that was happening. She asked if I wanted to speak with a social worker. I quickly answered yes.

Another blessed meeting. She saw me immediately during her already packed day. I told her my woes. I told her how I was starting businesses and how silly I felt due to the irony of the nature of the business. She assured me that it was okay to feel this way; just because my business was helping people, doesn’t mean I am not human. She told me – as a matter of fact, when people are in this type of business it is a good idea to receive counseling because of the pressure that comes with the territory. I already know this from my education in psychology, but for various reasons I was putting myself in a place that I shouldn’t…perfection.

Life has taught me many things. I know that sometimes I will succeed and sometimes I will fail. I learned that both are useful. My meltdown wasn’t a failure, but actually a new tool that I can use. A reminder to keep a balance. You see, at the moment I am out of balance. My total focus is on these two businesses.While I still give time to other things, THIS IS MY TOTAL FOCUS. You cannot be in balance if one thing is loading down one side of your scale.

I am starting over today. That’s the great thing about life. Every day is a new day. We can change our perspective and try again. Of course there will be days when this will happen again (I know right – will I ever learn?!). I am, as I said, human. We all tend to get off track. It is then that I know God will put the right people in my path to get me back in balance. I will look into my balance bag; shuffle through my life experiences; find the skills I have built; and pull out my reminders of just how to do that!


No Fear! From Portugal to Milan

Seeing photos of my son, Alex’s, trip to Europe makes me elated for the wonderful experiences he is enjoying. It makes me want to drop everything and travel the world. Ah, but daily life beckons me back. It doesn’t mean I’m not looking for that chance. I know I spout about “just doing” and I still hold to that. While you can’t drop everything to do whatever you want (well I guess actually you can if that’s what you want to do!), I still believe there are MANY opportunities that are missed out of fear. I will still hold true to “If you really want something you can achieve it/you can do it/ there is always a way.” I will get back there one day soon. For when that opportunity arises, you can be assured – I will take it. I write this again to inspire others to pay attention to what is holding them back. Is it a physical reason? or a psychological reason? If it’s money, you can overcome that. Do you really need that Latte from Starbucks, or can you stash that money away for your dream. If it’s psychological, you can overcome that too. It’s all a matter of choices. Are you stuck by the limitations of your employment? Are you really? I just want to challenge you to pay attention to your motives or lack thereof! “Where there’s a will there’s a way!”

There is so much to experience out there. Alex is a very personable young man. He is not afraid to begin a conversation to learn what he can about everything. He is not afraid to meet new people, to provide himself with knowledge, experiences, and opportunities. During his conversation with the woman who ran the place where he stayed, he shared how he came to be in Portugal. She ended up giving him a great deal on his room. While he was out and about he came across a shop with “old” money from countries around the world. He picked up a bill from the country where this woman grew up to give to her. She was so happy and grateful for his thoughtfulness. She gave him a coin that she had found. She had carried this around for years as a good luck charm because it had her year of birth on it. She wanted him to have it as his good luck charm. Turns out the bill that he gave her had his birth year on it too. So cool. He had conversations with various shop owners which led him to some possible business opportunities. He was finally able to stay with the friends he met last year (mentioned in my previous posts). Life can be so full if we are not afraid to step out and make connections.

He is now catching a flight to Milan, Italy to meet up with some more friends. He so enjoyed his time in Portugal, finding a new country that he completely adores. Between the natural beauty and the disposition of the people, he is in love. He told me the streets are filled with a vast array of art. So much beauty put into every day life. He has learned so much in the short time he was there. I have heard it is one of the best places to retire due to the low cost of living However if you need a job, not so great…job availability is also low.

One more week and he will be home. I miss my world traveller. I know he will only be home for short while, then head back there for the summer. He’s thinking about teaching English in Italy. Ah, to be young and carefree!

News from Lisbon Portugal

To begin my story, I will once again share that I believe God has a hand in our lives. I have been praying for my son to stay safe and for God to get him where he needs to be. His plans for this trip have not been smooth sailing, but my feeling is – at least he is in Europe! All of our experiences help us to learn and grow. At his point he was supposed to be in Italy. I guess he is where is supposed to be now. Any way, being in Paris, he was trying to find a flight out to a couple of different places where he was planning on visiting. He ended up with a flight to Lisbon (noted in my last post), where he intended to stay at a friend’s house. He booked the flight and planned on leaving his hotel at 11 a.m. to catch his 5 p.m. flight.

Now, this kid is harder to wake up than a Koala on Ambien. This day however, he wakes up at 5:30 a.m. alert and ready to go. He decides to begin his day and heads out to the train station at 9 a.m. (two hours earlier than planned) to get to the airport. He gets to the train station to find a bit of a commotion. He isn’t sure what is going on because no one is speaking English. This part of Paris is lacking in English speaking people. As my son, Alex, puts it “out of nowhere” a little old lady comes up to him speaking in French. He says, “Sorry only English.” She begins speaking to him in English explaining that the trains are delayed due to somebody putting iron on the tracks or something. Without him saying anything or asking for help, she begins to tell him what he needs to do, what trains he needs to take, to get to the airport on time. Even my son, who doesn’t believe that God intervenes in our lives, says what happened was rather strange. Had he not come two hours earlier than planned, and had this woman not helped him, he would have missed his plane.

This lady gets him all situated and begins to talk to him about photography. My son is very into photography so he’s excited to look at her photos. Then she tells him she has 40,000 of them and proceeds to show them to him, including photos of her grandkids. 40,000 photos – WOW, I thought I had a lot of pictures!!! Luckily he had a train to catch! My lovely boy says “Mom, she talked more than you!” Heeeey, I resemble that remark! I always love hearing that. Well, the truth is the truth. As you can tell from my blog, I love to “talk.” I’m chattier than a romp of giant river otters! What can I say, I have an extremely high level of the protein Foxp2 (a verbal communication inducing protein). I just love communicating!

So, ADHD…(cough cough), Alex, gets on a plane to Portugal. Did I mention he studied Portuguese (as well as Italian) in college. He sat next to a Portuguese couple who couldn’t speak English, but he was able to have somewhat of a conversation with them. They thought he was so funny. They shared that they didn’t think English people (he thinks they meant from England) were funny at all, but that he was very funny. They also told him that now they like Americans because they met him! Lol. They were very concerned that he would make it to where he needed to be. They asked him how he was going to get to his friends – would he be able to contact him. He told them he would find some internet and be in touch with him that way. They insisted he use their phone to call his friend. Again, I think God placed the right people at the right time for him to get to his destination. Alex, who adores Italy, thinks that Portugal may be even friendlier than Italy (although Italy is still number one with him). They don’t just help you by telling you, they help you by actually doing things for you.

He called his friend only to find that, unfortunately, his friend’s grandmother had passed away and he was not home. Now Alex had to find somewhere to stay. After perusing, he searched the internet to see what he could find something clean that was a little less expensive. He found a website called and ended up in a city called Chiado. At, people from around the world welcome you into their home and rent a room in their home. He really likes it. The cost is low ($30), the people are friendly, the place is clean. Plus, if you refer someone and they stay somewhere you will get $25.00. If you get someone to sign up to host guests/renters, you get $75.00! His friend is expected to return tonight, so he will spend the next two days in Portugal. His next task is to find a flight to either Milan or Florence. HIs friends in Italy are anxiously awaiting his arrival. Bring on the next adventure!